Mayor Jesse Arreguin
(510) 981-7100

Linda Maio, District 1
(510) 981-7110

Cheryl Davila, District 2
(510) 981-7120

Ben Bartlett, District 3
(510) 981-7130

Sophie Hahn, District 5
(510) 981-7150

Susan Wengraf, District 6
(510) 981-7160

Kriss Worthington, District 7
(510) 981-7170

Lori Droste, District 8
(510) 981-7180

The City Council is considering a ban on the sale of fur in Berkeley.

Let’s make sure it passes!

The newly elected city council has promised to be progressive. Mayor Jesse Arreguín has promised to "lead a movement to change the direction of our country in four years."

The City Council needs our encouragement to see animal rights as a progressive issue.

Please contact the City Council and encourage them to vote for the fur ban.

See: council district locator

My name is ___ and I live in District _. I’m calling to urge Councilmember ___ to ban the sale of fur in Berkeley.