This is totally unnecessary.

In the day of countless varieties of adequate fabrics, there is no need for this brutal industry.

West Hollywood, California has already banned fur. The ban was successfully defended in court. There are similar campaigns for other places, including Los Angeles and Israel. Several countries in Europe have banned fur production entirely.

Unlike West Hollywood, virtually no Berkeley businesses sponsor the fur industry's exploitation. The proposed law would ensure they never do.

Over 30 million animals are killed for their fur every year.

Minks, foxes, and rabbits on fur farms are often confined in cages barely bigger than their bodies.

Animals on fur farms often live through intense stress, distressed and repetitive movement, self-mutilation, and even cannibalism. Finally, they are killed through brutal means, often electrocution.

Fur farms are big polluters of water systems with phosphorus and often use 15x the amount of energy as competing materials.


Berkeley is progressive.

Berkeley has historically been a hub for social movements and one of the most progressive cities in US history.

It's time for Berkeley to be progressive for everyone who can feel.